Accessibility / Environment


Sychnant Pass Country House is an old Edwardian house built on a hill and by its nature is not accessible to all.  There is no lift to the bedrooms on the first floor and there are a number of small steps around the house including three steps up to the ground floor bedrooms from the sitting room.   However, these rooms can be accessed from the outside of the building without steps, although the gravel isn’t wheelchair friendly.

Most of our bathrooms have baths with Edwardian style shower mixer taps though three of our first floor rooms have free standing showers. However, there are ground floor changing rooms with power showers and a private changing room with extra aids for our less able bodied guests. 

Whilst we do not offer room service at the Country House, there is usually someone around to help and be on hand in case of an emergency and our staff are always willing to offer any kind of assistance that is required.


Environmental Policy

We are committed to helping the environment in the way we run our business and we encourage our customers to be aware of these issues within the business and the surrounding area. We are committed to reducing pollution and recycle as much as is possible. We are aware that businesses such as ours have an impact on the environment; an influx of visitors to the area, consumption of fuel, energy and water and the production of waste.